Allotment toilets with facilities for men, women and children

mean longer hours hoeing and sowing

Dry toilets need no plumbing

and can be installed anywhere

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Toilets! How and where we make our personal deposits is a subject we don’t think about too often and if we do its usually with a degree of embarrassment. However since way before the days when throwing the contents of the chamber pot into the street was considered the last word in acceptable hygiene, the human race has had to find ways of disposing of our natural bodily waste.


Whilst today we have the convenience of ‘flush-and-forget’, not every location has the luxury of mains sewage, nor the means to install it. Only 1% of the Earths water is drinkable, and we flush 30% of that down the loo daily. In addition, if you are unable to connect to a main sewer, your choice is either a cesspit or a septic tank. The latter can leach harmful pathogens into our water system and, if you source your water locally, that can be especially dangerous.


Consumers today are very keen to minimize their environmental footprint by considering water conservation and living a low-impact lifestyle where possible. So, what is the solution?


Even in areas where clean water runs freely and sewage simply disappears down the pan, the forward thinking and environmentally aware would be well advised to consider the better option, which is composting your own waste. Not only will your toilets be smell free, you will save up to 30% on your water bills and 30% of your drinking water.



So, imagine a toilet that has no need for water, plumbing, sewage outlet, septic tank or cesspit and can be put anywhere, even where you couldn’t put a conventional WC.,


Our ‘Dry Separating toilet’ can achieve all those claims. Its design mimics the human body, urine goes one way, the solid material another. This utilises our natural microorganisms to create excellent compost in time and a very useable NPK fertiliser immediately.


Urine, which is non-toxic grey water is ether drained or soaked away and the solids are broken down. This process begins with aerobic digestion, which destroys the harmful pathogens plus the anaerobic microorganisms that create the foul odours. There are no smells, or waste, just two useful, usable products that can be added to the garden.

Should you not want to compost, a good solution is the ‘Incinerating toilet’, which reduces the human by-products to a fine ash by achieving temperatures up to 550 degrees centigrade.


The benefits of a waterless toilet system will enable owners and clients to achieve a low impact system of sanitation, which is a pleasure to use and very easily maintained.


Why pay to send it away


Composting our human by-products is not alien or distasteful but sensible, safe,


eco-friendly and the ideal solution for all.

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  • It has been functioning for some time now and working fine, we have not experienced any problems with it, it appears to separate the wet and dry waste effectively.

    Ecotoilets user -

  • Located at our eco-friendly camp site on the Isle of Wight. We’ve been really pleased with the loos which we’ve been operating for the last 5 years.

    Eco-friendly campsite owner - Ecotoilet

  • The toilet has been provided for the ladies of the bowls club, there have been no problems, no complaints, and apparently no difficulty for visitors to the club.

    Bowls Club - Ecotoilets

  • Found Eco-toilets in the boat show and bought the toilet – very happy with the product and no issues so far

    Canal boat owner - Ecotoilet