Ecotoilets were originally sold by Whilton Chandlery when we looked for a better alternative to the chemical toilets used on narrowboats and initially sold a huge Canadian compost toilet. Due to the difficulties of getting this toilet accepted on boats, we started selling the Separett range of toilets and the Air Head toilet. These rapidly became adopted as an excellent alternative and sales started to climb.  About this time we started to offer the toilets for other purposes, especially the Separett range which was designed for domestic use. Using the Ecotoilets branding the business developed to the point where we outgrew our premises and relocated to a large office/warehouse unit at Lutterworth. We have now set up Ecotoilets as a separate company and this year we made the move to the Natures Head toilet which provides a far better option for the canal boating fraternity.

Who are we?

Susanne, Director                                                                                                  

Susannes’s experience of composting toilets which goes back over 7 years plus, selling and supporting over 2000 composting toilet customers.  Susanne was instrumental in the setting up of Ecotoilets. She readily accepted a compost toilet when she moved onto a narrowboat and now, with over six years’ experience knows all about them. She is an illustrator and graphic artist who does most of the artwork, literature and advertising, as well as amusing cartoons and poems to help people understand how to use their toilets. She has lived for the last three years with a composting toilet and knows them well.



Steve, Installation Manager

Steve joined us to ensure that our toilet cabins are installed quickly and accurately all over the country, having cut his teeth in Builders Merchants and then running his own kitchen fitting business. He is not often in the office but is known to many of our customers as the man who installed their toilet and explained how it works.



Paula, Office Manager and Sales Support Executive

Paula joined us initially to manage the administration and accounts, but we found that she was so good at explaining how the toilets work and getting orders that we have moved her up to a full-time sales support role. Paula may well be your first contact as she usually answers the phone.



Freyja, Sales, Researcher and Customer Support

Freyja joined us to help promote our loo’s, she is always on the phone talking to prospective and existing customers. She has become a valued member of our team



Evelyne, Administrator

Evelyne joined us to help manage the administration side of the business. She is a great team player who is happy to handle paperwork and even get stuck in at the warehouse.



Mark & Jason, Product Installers

Mark & Jason install most of our toilet cabins across the length and breadth of the UK