We started providing toilets for allotments about three years ago, but found that many allotment societies, as well as needing a solution which needed no water, also wanted a building to put the toilet in. We therefore got together with a wooden house manufacturer to get them to make ‘little houses’ or toilet cabins for us. These started selling rapidly, but then we found some allotment societies needed disabled facilities as well, whilst others either didn’t have the space or the money for even our standard unit. We therefore expanded our range of buildings to include a larger cabin with wide door for disabled access and a smaller cabin, which we assemble before delivery, allowing us to get it in operation within minutes of arrival! In order to cater for those allotments in higher risk areas we found a manufacturer of synthetic concrete cabins (recycling waste plastic and using no cement) and supply our toilets in those where required. We are also able to include a range of options from automatic lighting to hand-washing solutions.

We have also found that golf clubs often cater for men, having many bushes and trees that they can use if caught short during a round, but ladies often have the choice between being uncomfortable or holding up play while they return to the club-house. We are now making lady golfers lives more pleasant by supplying toilets around the course, sometimes replacing smelly chemical toilets being rented at high rental fees.

We have supplied toilets for bowls clubs, community gardens, gun clubs, outdoor activity centres, tennis clubs and play areas in large gardens.

Typical installations:

Ecotoilets for outdoor clubs and allotments

Another Ecotoilets installation, dry toilet at a golf course

A 5x4 closed for an Ecotoilets, dry composting toilet installed at an allotoment