Allotments rush for separating toilets

By / 18th August, 2013 /

Allotment societies have, in the past, had a difficult choice. Either they didn’t have toilets, or, unless they had clever people to build and maintain a DIY toilet, they spent a lot of money on plumbing in a WC or buying an extremely expensive bespoke composting toilet costing many thousands of pounds,

Now such societies and similar organisations can get a simple toilet in it’s own cabin from only £1199 and even those groups who have problem sites, where vandals or others may damage a wooden hut, can now get a complete unit in synthetic concrete for only £2599. Prices start at only £450 for those who either have or can supply their own building.

The message is getting around. In recent weeks we have had orders from Red House Allotments in Coventry, Ryhall Allotments in Leicestershire, New March Street Allotments in Wales and Mollys Wood Community Garden in Essex as well as West Runton Bowls Club in Norfolk.

All have seen the benefits of having dry toilets at a price they can afford, often helped by grants from charities or parish councils.

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