Unfortunately It has become necessary to increase our prices due to manufacturing and timber costs.

We will endeavour to keep the increase below 10% for as long as possible.


Now a ‘Changing Place’ that is more affordable

There is a charitable organisation, Changing Places, which is campaigning for a countrywide network of changing room and toilet facilities for severely disabled people. In order to be useful to such disabled people the room needs to be a minimum of 4m x 3m and needs a toilet, disabled access bars, an adult changing table and an adult hoist.

The difficulty here, is that smaller organisations (and some larger ones) struggle to obtain funds to build a 4m x 3m room and then incorporate all the groundwork and pipework to supply water and remove sewage.

Since our waterless toilets need no water supply, we can generate our own electricity with solar panels and we can get an economical cabin built to ‘Changing Rooms’ requirements, we can now supply a Changing Place, delivered and set up for less than £20,000.

This breakthrough may increase the availability of Changing Places dramatically, thus improving the lives of severely disabled people substantially.

Room with a view or a room at the top?

Two of our recent installations are worthy of merit:

We have installed both Ladies and Gents fully compliant accessible toilets at the wonderful St Germans Priory in Cornwall. This fantastic site caused us a few installation problems, not least of which was getting the installers in through the entrance – about an inch to spare each side.


However the final installation offers a great view of the impressive entrance to the Priory (not from inside the toilet as it has frosted glass!) as you can see here. We painted the cabins to complement the beautiful stonework.


We have also supplied two standard toilet cabins for use by staff and visitors at Highgrove House. The organic views of Prince Charles are well known, so it is no surprise that he approved of us installing waterless toilets in the grounds.


Crick Boat Show breaks all records!

With unusually good weather this year the Crick Boat Show was really busy this year and our stand was continually occupied with at least one interested visitor, though more usually half a dozen at a time. After a while we got used to the line “I just missed the beginning of that, would you mind going over it again . . .”

However all the effort was well worth it. Whilst our main aim is to generate business for the future, we are pleased to make new sales at the show. Last year we were pleased to sell 7 toilets during the show, but this year we were astounded to sell 14, as well as the promise of an incinerating toilet sale in a week or two.

We tried to catch up on all the leads and outstanding questions today and by tomorrow may have regained our voices . . .

Roll on the next one!

Take your choice . . .

Now let me see . . . which would I prefer? A bright blue plastic box with a chemical toilet, that pungent smell and the humid atmosphere, or a pleasant wooden miniature house, with a window (frosted glass), just the pleasant smell of wood, a natural looking toilet and all mod-cons?

No contest really.

Picture from one of our customers, who, having previously put in those notorious plastic contraptions, has now managed to upgrade to a fully disabled access wooden Ecotoilet. If you would like to follow suit, contact us soon.

Nature’s Head toilets now available

We have provided waterless toilets for many years and have always prided ourselves on having the best toilets available. For this reason, after much research we have decided that the best toilet for small spaces is now the Nature’s Head. This product has been available in the US for many years, but hasn’t been well represented in this country till now . . .

We are now promoting this in both this website and our Canal Shop website and will have good stocks available at the Crick Boat Show at the end of May. We can supply you with one immediately as we will be keeping them available from stock.

If you have any questions about this toilet, or want to know why we feel it is the best small toilet, please call us. We will be happy to discuss installation and suitability of this waterless toilet.