Our interest in dry toilets started with narrowboats, as we initially operated hire boats, then took on a canal-side shop. Anyone who has had a boat will know that toilets are always a compromise on them, usually a choice between a small chemical toilet (adapted from caravans) or a nicer looking toilet emptying by gravity or pump into a large holding tank which is emptied by a powerful ‘vacuum cleaner’. The former needs regular emptying by hand, the latter needs expensive emptying at pump-out stations which are often not near when you need them. To overcome the unhappiness of many of my customers I looked for an alternative. Initially all that was available was a very large, not always effective complete composting plant underneath a toilet seat. After initial success with these, sales started to falter due to the difficulty of fitting them and bad feedback from some users. Then I discovered urine separating toilets, initially a very small compost toilet, which was one of the smallest composting toilets available, and then the Separett Villa, which not only works exceptionally well, it also looks like a proper toilet. Once these were made available, sales took off. It is now widely recognised that there are 3 choices for boats with compost toilets being the third option and in years to come I can see the composting toilet being the standard fitting for most narrowboats.

With this choice of toilets it is also becoming more common to fit our toilets on yachts, catamarans, dutch barges and larger ships, especially as the rules allowing disposal of toilet waste ‘over the side’ are becoming more strict.

With caravans, the situation is a bit more complicated. Most manufacturers are large companies with contracts to get chemical toilets at very reduced rates. They prefer the simplicity of fitting these cheap units to the benefits of composting toilets. The same applies to manufacturer supplied motor-homes. Whilst we have supplied a few of these with composting toilets, the shorter life of such vehicles often means people are unwilling to replace the toilet supplied.

However in the case of static caravans and home-built conversions of vans, coaches or buses to motor-homes, the ease of installation and the benefits of using composting toilets mean that we often supply our units for this purpose.

If you would like to see pictures of some of our toilets on boats click here.