For some people there is nothing better than laying under the stars with just a thin piece of canvas between you and the sky. More recently these people have been joined by others, who wish to stay in more substantial tents, yurts, cabins or shepherd huts – these are the people who prefer glamourous camping or ‘glamping’ as it has become known.

For businesses wishing to offer such sites, the recurring problem is that of sanitation and hygiene. Most solve the problem by installing toilets and showers or other washing facilities, but disposal of sewage is  often a problem.

Composting toilets offer a wonderful solution, especially as the ‘green’ credentials of such toilets can be used in publicity to encourage campers to not only enjoy themselves, but help the environment at the same time – wonderful for the feelgood factor!Some yurts and cabins of course are big enough for our toilets to be incorporated within the accommodation and here the lack of smell from the toilet and ease of turn-round between customers score highly as well.

We have now developed a combined toilet and shower cabin, which can be sited almost anywhere, offering a wonderful shower, a smart and pleasant toilet and, if required, a water treatment system to recycle the water and urine output and return it to the cabin meaning very low water consumption too. Please contact us for more details.