There is a growing demand for toilet and changing facilities to be provided (mainly at public sites) which will allow severely disabled people access for toilet use, a changing place and sometimes a shower facility. The Changing Places Consortium have a website which encourages the installation of such facilities and sets a minimum standard for size and equipment.

Unfortunately, for many people, the need to connect such facilities to sewers or septic tank along with possibly the expense of building a room or cabin to contain them, pushes the cost of getting such excellent facilities beyond their budget.

We have therefore used the benefit of our waterless toilets and prefabricated cabins to develop a low cost options to hopefully allow a much wider spread of these Changing Places.

An information sheet, describing our Changing Place in more detail is available here.

Please contact us if you need more information, have questions about our Changing Places, or have special requirements for your Changing Place. We can incorporate particular requirements very easily and would be pleased to quote you for your needs.