There is a charitable organisation, Changing Places, which is campaigning for a countrywide network of changing room and toilet facilities for severely disabled people. In order to be useful to such disabled people the room needs to be a minimum of 4m x 3m and needs a toilet, disabled access bars, an adult changing table and an adult hoist.

The difficulty here, is that smaller organisations (and some larger ones) struggle to obtain funds to build a 4m x 3m room and then incorporate all the groundwork and pipework to supply water and remove sewage.

Since our waterless toilets need no water supply, we can generate our own electricity with solar panels and we can get an economical cabin built to ‘Changing Rooms’ requirements, we can now supply a Changing Place, delivered and set up for less than £20,000.

This breakthrough may increase the availability of Changing Places dramatically, thus improving the lives of severely disabled people substantially.

We are just building our first unit and will add pictures here once it is completed.

Please contact us for further information.