For Household use we would recommend the Separett Villa Toilet


The Separett Villa Separating Toilet was designed originally for Swedish houses and is ideally suited for domestic use in the U.K.
It is simple to install. Merely position the toilet in place, connect the flue pipe either through the wall (as shown) or through the roof and run the urine drain pipe to a soakaway, a holding tank (for pouring away or spraying on plants) or to a sink waste.

Connect the power cable either to a 12 volt supply or, more likely, to a 240 volt connection using a plug or a fused spur (depending on location).

Add some compost starter and your toilet is ready for use. For a detailed description of the toilet and options see the product pages in our online shop.

For locations with limited space we would recommend the small composting toilet – further details of this are also in our online shop.

For a printable pdf document on the Separett Villa toilet go to our Leaflets page.