For boat or vehicle use we would recommend either a Nature’s Head toilet or a Separett Mobile system with urine storage tank.

The Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet designed originally for use on boats, but equally useful for vehicles such as caravans and motor homes.

This toilet stores solid matter in the base of the toilet, whilst the urine is stored in the 10 litre front container. This will need emptying regularly, but since it only contains urine it can easily be disposed of in many locations or used as fertiliser (diluted 1:8) if you have permission on land nearby.

To use an existing pump-out tank for the storage of the urine, this toilet is available with a drain tube in place of the urine container.

For mobile homes, wide-beams and other larger boats the Separett Villa 9010 toilet can be used, with either a gravity urine drain to a shallow urine tank or a urine pump to pump to a simple container or other holding tank. Since the average person produces 1 – 1.5 litres of urine a day such a tank can take many days before it needs emptying.


For a printable pdf document on the Separett Villa toilet go to our Leaflets page.