Ecotoilets joins with Toilet Twinning charity to give more people toilets

By / 1st July, 2014 /

Ecotoilets has always been at the forefront of environmentally friendly toilets to improve the well-being of users and reduce water wastage in the UK, but we have now joined with a charity called Toilet Twinning which is building toilets in Africa for those who currently have no toilet at all.

The concept is quite simple. You give the charity just £60. That is enough to allow them to get a toilet built for a family in Africa. This is not just the toilet itself, but also the hut so that the family have privacy. This may sound a simple step, but it means a better life for the family and means they can avoid illnesses and even death from lack of sanitation.

In return for the donation, the purchaser receives a framed picture showing their ‘toilet twin’, complete with GPS coordinates, so that you can see where your toilet is, maybe looking for it on Google Maps!

If you are reading this, why not either look online here for further details. Perhaps you can buy someone else an ecotoilet before getting one yourself!

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