How easy is it to install a composting toilet in a building?

Extremely simple. The Separett Villa is fixed either with three screws into the floor, or with a bracket to the wall behind. The Nature’s Head is fixed with two floor brackets. The air vent must be connected to an outside wall. This is normally straight through the wall beside or behind the toilet, but can be ducted either through the roof or at ceiling height to an outside wall. If a roof space is well ventilated it can be ducted there. The power supply should be connected to the fan – this can be a 12 volt supply, a 230 volt socket, or, if in a shower or bathroom, a fused spur.

The toilet will then be set up with a small layer of starter material, typically cocoa shell and is then ready for use.

Please get in touch if have any further questions about ecotoilets installation.