How often will I need to empty it?

Obviously this depends on usage, but as an example, two people living with just this toilet would take at least 10 weeks to fill the solids bin. Since the toilet is supplied with three bins, this allows 30 weeks before the bin needs putting back into use. If the contents are emptied directly into a composter then only one bin is needed. For other users such as garden rooms, allotments or churches the solids tank may last 6 months or a year before being filled, since the usage may not be continuous and my be mainly for urine.

If urine is run off into a soakaway, it will never need to be emptied. If it is collected in a container then the time to fill this will depend on the size of the container – a 25 litre tank will typically accommodate over 100 uses, whilst a 50 litre Ejektortank will allow over 200 uses.

How do I clean the blue screen in the toilet’?

This is a common question and one which is easily answered. As long as people sit on the toilet to use it, the blue screen moves out of the way and cannot be soiled, therefore it should rarely need cleaning. The only time this panel can be soiled is if users squat above the toilet, or if men stand to urinate. It is therefore important that all users appreciate the importance of sitting down on every visit.