There is a steadily growing demand for garden rooms and offices. With new designs and methods of construction appearing continuously there is now a lot of choice for a room down the garden, either to work in or to relax, or sometimes for extra members of the family to live in or friends to visit. The difficulty comes when you want to install a toilet. The cost of digging up the garden to put in a water supply and a sewage outlet, which may need a pump if the lie of the land isn’t suitable can increase the bill by several thousands of pounds (not counting the cost of the water used). Installing an ecotoilet not only avoids all this expenditure, it also means that a toilet can be installed within a couple of hours. It is this reason which is persuading many garden room manufacturers to offer an ecotoilet as their their preferred option (see Garden Room Suppliers for details).

For those whose garden room doesn’t have space to fit a toilet inside we can supply a small cabin complete with toilet, which can be located nearby.

We will show just a few of the many installations here.