Allotment toilets with facilities for men, women and children

mean longer hours hoeing and sowing

Dry toilets need no plumbing

and can be installed anywhere

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  • It has been functioning for some time now and working fine, we have not experienced any problems with it, it appears to separate the wet and dry waste effectively.

    Ecotoilets user -

  • Located at our eco-friendly camp site on the Isle of Wight. We’ve been really pleased with the loos which we’ve been operating for the last 5 years.

    Eco-friendly campsite owner - Ecotoilet

  • The toilet has been provided for the ladies of the bowls club, there have been no problems, no complaints, and apparently no difficulty for visitors to the club.

    Bowls Club - Ecotoilets

  • Found Eco-toilets in the boat show and bought the toilet – very happy with the product and no issues so far

    Canal boat owner - Ecotoilet