New Toilet Cabin could spell the end for smelly rental loos

By / 15th June, 2015 /

Everyone knows that if you want a temporary toilet for an event (maybe a wedding or a party) or at a building site, you have to rent a portable chemical loo at a cost typically between £25 and £40 a week.

For a 3 month rental this can cost up to £500 and afterwards you have nothing to show for it. Whilst it is on-site, no-one wants to use it and the smell is never appreciated.

There must be something better available, mustn’t there?New toilet cabin could end need for smelly rental plastic loos

Time for an alternative then . . .

New toilet cabin from Ecotoilets

The Eco-T toilet cabin combines the high tech panel construction methods developed by Aircell Structures for lightweight transportable cabins with the Privy separating toilet from Separett to offer a toilet which can be transported in the back of a car or sent by carrier. It can be assembled and operational within an hour.

The structure is strong, cannot be burnt down and gives a pleasant environment. Using a waterless separating toilet means that no water is required; pure urine can either be collected for re-use or disposed of in a small soak-away. Solid waste can be composted on site thus requiring no regular sewage collection or transportation.

When the toilet is no longer required, it can easily be cleaned, dismantled and removed from site and just as easily set up again at another location.

We hope to have these cabins available in June at a price around £700 including VAT delivered anywhere in the UK. Contact us for further details or to pre-order one now.


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