Can men stand to use this toilet?

Whilst it is possible for men to stand and urinate into the bowl of this toilet, it is better for hygiene and avoidance of getting urine in the solids tank that men sit down for all visits. This is especially important with this toilet as the seat is built into the toilet, so any drips would land on that . . .

How often will the toilet need emptying?

Obviously this depends on usage, but as an example, two people living with just this toilet would take at least 5 weeks to fill the solids bin. In this way 5 additional storage bins would be needed to ensure full breakdown into compost. If the contents are emptied directly into a composter then no bins would be needed. For other users such as garden rooms, allotments or churches the solids tank may last 3 – 6 months before being filled, since the usage may not be continuous and may be mainly for urine.

Where does the urine go?

Pure urine is drained directly into a 10 litre urine tank in the front section of the toilet. This can take two people 3-4 days to fill. The level can easily be seen as the boittle is translucent. When it is getting full (or sooner if you prefer), it is a simple matter to unclip the top section, lift it slightly and slide out the bottle. This can then be emptied on the ground at a convenient location, diluted with water (1:8) and used to spray plants, or poured over a compost heap or in a composter to improve the compost and accelerate the decomposition.

Why is there a fan, does it need to be on all the time and how much power does it take?

The fan is important for three things: firstly it takes away any initial smell which otherwise would be in the cubicle. This is one of the best things about our toilets – never any smell in the room. Secondly it draws off excess moisture, allowing the material to shrink and take up less space in the bin. Thirdly it feeds oxygen to the good bugs in our solid matter which break the matter down into compost without smell. In this way the room doesn’t smell, the outlet has virtually no smell and nor does the solid matter when emptied.

For these reasons, it is important that the fan is kept on when the toilet is in use. If it is to be left unused for a long period, then the fan can be stopped, but unless the solids bin is emptied there can be a smell in the room when you return.

The fan takes 0.06 amps at 12 volts. This equates to 1.5Ah per day and is a very small load on a battery, or mains supply, if used.

Can we have a wooden lid and seat?

Since the seat is built into the body of the toilet, it is not possible to change this. The lid is also designed to cover the seat and ensure no access for insects, so also cannot be changed. For those who would like a more traditional look, we can add a wooden lid on top of the standard lid – see our shop for pictures.

How does this toilet compare to the Air Head?

Both these toilets are very similar, since the Nature’s Head is a development of the Air Head. Using their experience of the Air Head, the manufacturers improved on it, making it easier to use, simpler to empty and better to look at. They also made it cheaper! If you want to know the details, please contact us.