It is helpful to the composting process if the solids bin of the toilet is lined with a starter material to ensure an air pocket under the initial deposits, to assist with moisture absorption and to add carbon to the finished compost (something which is lacking in our solid matter). For this purpose a number of different materials can be used and the best ones currently available are Hemp Strands or Cocoa Shell.

Whilst our toilets do not require the addition of dry material after each use, it is sometimes helpful to cover up the contents, maybe when guests are coming, and Hemp Strands are also useful for this purpose.

It is possible to buy hemp from pet bedding suppliers and online in 50 litre bags, but since this would last many years for the average user, we offer 1kg bags (about 5 litres)  which are easier to handle and store and will line 2 or 3 bins before use.

Hemp Starter is made from natural renewable resources as a by product of growing Hemp, which has many uses. After cutting the plants the stems are chopped and dried, producing a light absorbent and readily degradeable material. A useful product for us is made from the waste parts of the plant.

Weight 1 kg

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