Aerobin Composter


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If you want good useful compost for your garden in the shortest possible time then the thing to have is a Aerobin Composter.

These excellent insulated composters can turn your toilet waste into compost in 90 days by using the heat that the micro-organisms generate and conserving it to encourage them to do their work faster.

We stock the Aerobin, which means that you have everything you need to get started immediately.

These units are 50cm x 50cm and 120cm high

What are the benefits of using the Aerobin for composting?

    • Aeration Lung – diffusing air into the biomass – so no turning of the biomass is required – no manual intervention. Avoids anaerobic breakdown of the biomass and the harmful greenhouse gases that are associated with an anaerobic environment (landfill sites).
    • Insulated Walls and Lid – the thermopilic heat generated during the aerobic breakdown of the organic material is retained within the Aerobin and temperatures within the biomass are more constant, for year round composting even at sub zero temperatures.

Aerobin at Work

  • Aerobic composting of both Kitchen and Garden Waste.
  • Moisture recirculation system – helps to maintain moisture within the biomass, which keeps the culture of micro-organisms at optimium levels which again ensures faster, more effective composting.
  • Leachate reservoir for the collection of the liquid nutrients displaced from your biomass materials – dilute what is collected and you have a wonderful natural fertilizer for free.
  • 2 Access Doors for ease of removal of the mature compost and gives you flexibility in the positioning and location of your Aerobin
  • Due to the high operating temperatures that can be achieved, most weeds, seeds and pathogens if present will be killed.


Weight 10 kg