Natures Head toilet


For small spaces there is a fantastic solution called the Natures Head toilet. This is not as simple to use as a Separett, but is very small, so is ideal for boats, motor-homes, tiny houses and other small locations.

The toilet is self-contained with a translucent urine container on the front, whilst solids and toilet paper are initially stored in the body of the toilet, with an aerator to assist with decomposition. When the solids tank is full, it is a simple matter to transfer the contents to a storage container or a garden composter.

This toilet is complete with all the parts needed to install it and should be connected to a 12 volt power supply, such as a battery. The use of a ‘spider’ handle means that very little space is needed beside the toilet. This handle and the air vent pipe can be mounted on either side of the toilet according to your requirements.

We can offer a 230 volt transformer as an option for those who want to connect it to a mains supply.

The toilet is 21 1/2″ (545mm) high, 18″ (460mm) deep and 19 1/2″ (500mm) wide including handles.

Weight 12 kg

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