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Rescue/Camping Toilet


For those who wish to take a toilet with them, or for emergency situations where a toilet is needed fast, we offer the Rescue/Camping toilet, which can be set up in minutes and, in a well ventilated situation offers a simple and yet effective composting toilet.

Simply open up the cross frame, run the urine pipe to a suitable soak-away area nearby and insert a bio-degradeable bag for the solids and toilet paper. You have a fully operational toilet.

When leaving, or if the toilet is no longer needed, simply dispose of the bag on a compost heap, or into the ground, fold up the toilet and pack it in the hold-all provided.

Whilst it may not be our most attractive toilet, it is much more pleasant to use than chemical toilets and quicker to set up than any other toilet available.

(Please note that the shovel and toilet paper are not supplied with this product)

Weight 3.8 kg

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