Standard Waterless Urinal


Most of the composting toilets work best if men sit down, even if just for urine. This is not usually a problem, but for those places where men would like the opportunity to stand, or for greater throughput in multi-toilet locations it is useful to have a waterless urinal.

We therefore have available a urinal, which is easily fixed to the wall either at a suitable height. A 12mm (1/2″) drain from this can be run directly into a soakaway, or into the urine drain from a composting toilet, if nearby.

The urinal is similar in size to those in public gents toilets, but is made in plastic (which creates less splash than ceramic urinals). This model is only suitable for men.

It is 540mm high x 310mm wide x 370mm deep and is made from injection moulded polycarbonate in one piece to enable easy cleaning and no smell.

Weight 5 kg

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