Weekend toilet

Weekend Toilet


The way to go for least cost, but an effective toilet.

If you want a complete composting toilet and are prepared to get a bit more involved with managing the toilet, but want the least cost, then our economy composting toilet is the way to go.

It is a simpler, but no less effective toilet using the same technology as the Air Head or Separett Villa toilets, but without the additional features.  The Weekend Composting toilet separates the urine from the solid matter. The urine can be easily disposed of in many ways – down a drain, in a public toilet even in a hole in the ground (with permission). It can be collected and poured over grass or sprayed over plants. The solid matter is composted in the unit and need only be emptied after a few weeks or months, depending on usage. There is a small fan (12 volt – 0.2A – mains adaptor also included). This draws air over the compost and ensures good drying and decomposing of the waste and extracting the air through a 3″ outlet.

We have been selling composting toilets for many years, but price has often put people off.  With this toilet it is no longer a barrier.

The unit is 18″ wide by 21″ deep (45cm x 54cm). The unit stands 20″ high (52cm).  these toilets can be used in allotments, motorhomes, caravans, horse-boxes, in fact anywhere that needs a toilet!

Contact us for more information or to discuss the benefits in more detail.

Weight 14.00 kg