Starter material supplies – Cocoa shell available again

By / 30th March, 2015 /

We have always promoted cocoa shell as an ideal starter for our composting toilets, not only as it is very absorbent and has lots of air pockets, but also as it is reasonably priced, is re-use of a waste product from the UK and smells of chocolate . . .

However in recent months it has become increasingly hard to obtain supplies and at present it is impossible to get any (I am trying to find out why and will add to this posting when I find out).

We have found that Flax strands, hemp strands (usually from France), coir and bark shavings are all reasonable alternatives, but . . . we have just been told by our supplier that cocoa shell is now available again.

For all outstanding orders and any new ones coming in, we should be packing like mad on Thursday (7th May) and shipping out as much as possible that day. After that, we hope to keep a good stock available for immediate supply.

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