Over the years many allotments, golf clubs and other outdoor activity centres, as well as glamping sites and people with large gardens have wanted not only a simple to install outdoor toilet, but also the cabin.

We have therefore developed a range of cabins to cater for all requirements and budgets. These cabins can be supplied as a flat-pack kit of parts for those who wish to assemble it themselves, or can be commissioned on site for those just wanting an operational toilet with no fuss.

Our smallest cabin is the wooden mini-cabin:

Mini3 - 1

This is just 3ft wide (90cm) and 4ft deep (120cm), this size is sufficient to allow installation of a toilet and, if required, a urinal, plus normal toilet accessories like paper towel dispenser and sanitary bin.

Mini3 - 3

We can provide a 240 volt toilet for locations where there is electrical power, or a 12 volt toilet with battery and solar panel to make a completely self-contained unit. This applies to all our cabins.

If you would like a more spacious and attractive pitched roof cabin we offer the 5ft (150cm) by 4ft (120cm) cabin as shown below:


These cabins can include the toilet and accessories, including a urinal, as with the mini-cabin.


We also offer a similar cabin 7ft (210cm) long and 6ft (180cm) wide. This includes a 40″ (100cm) wide door.


The allows the cabin to be supplied with disabled bars and alarm to conform to current regulations. It can also be supplied with a shower as well as a toilet, particularly useful for glamping sites.


These wooden cabins are excellent for most situations. In some areas, however, there is concern that a wooden cabin could get vandalised or burnt down. For these locations we have sourced secure cabins in a synthetic concrete material called TPR, using granulated waste plastic, gravel and resin to make a concrete like material without using cement. The cabins are lighter, stronger and more secure than concrete ones. To aid the security there are no windows – the roof is translucent GRP to give plenty of light inside. Access is through a miltipoint locking door with secure keys. Normally supplied in fern green, with a grey door, other colours are available to order.

This secure cabin is available in two sizes:

Standard 6ft x 4ft (with normal or disabled access door) or Disabled Access 8ft x 6ft


The cabin is fitted with toilet, urinal, disabled bars and alarm and a range of accessories according to requirements.

romford 3

For events, temporary situations (eg at a building site), or locations where the toilet needs to often be re-sited we have developed a lightweight plastic cabin housing a simple toilet and accessories. Sent to you by carrier as a flat-pack kit, it can easily be assembled and operational within an hour. It can also be dismantled and packed away just as quickly.


To download a leaflet on any of these cabins, go to our Leaflets page.

Should you have a requirement which is not shown here, please contact us and we will endeavour to find or adapt something to your needs.