We have designed a range of shower, and shower with toilet, cabins in order to offer such facilities particularly for camping and glamping sites. An information sheet is available here.

The standard unit is based on our 7ft x 6ft wooden ‘chapel’ style cabin. The main compartment has a Separett Villa toilet, changing space and towel cupboard. At the rear of this compartment is a full-size shower cubicle with eco-friendly shower head and thermostatic mixer valve for water supply. Another small compartment, accessible by a separately lockable access door, contains an LPG instant gas water heater and gas cylinders.

As standard this is provided by mains-pressure water from a water supply. Where circumstances demand, water can be provided by means of an IBC container or other water container and pumped using a low voltage water pump to give the water pressure required for the shower.

Water from the shower (and urine from the toilet) are typically run into a suitably sized soakaway, or, if available, into an existing drain or sewer.

It is possible to obtain this unit without the toilet, if only a shower is required. Additionally a small sink for shaving, or cleaning teeth, can be added.

Other alternatives, such as a double shower cabin, or a separate toilet and shower cabin, are available on demand.

We are also developing an egloo based toilet and shower cabin and more details of this will be available soon.