Here we have comments and compliments made about our toilets by just a few of our users. As you can imagine with the subject of toilets, some people just want to use theirs without talking about them, though we do find that most Ecotoilet users are so enthusiastic about their toilet that they are happy to discuss them

Comments include:

“Very happy and pleased with the toilet”

“Used for 3 years and overall very pleased, very simple to deal with and no bad smells whatsoever”

“ We are very pleased with the Villa 9010 toilet”

“Delighted with the loos”

“All good and would happily write you a reference”

“On the whole it works well”

“I am delighted so far although my friends and associates remain nervous but fascinated”

“We have had 23 campers (my children and friends) in our field who used Eco-loo(with no problems) including me”

“It has been functioning for some time now and working fine, we have not experienced any problems with it, it appears to separate the wet and dry waste effectively”

“We are very pleased with our toilet, it works very well”

“Well its basically GREAT!! Perfect for hygiene, and Perfect for males…!”

“Its all working well”

“Our Eco toilet has now been installed for approx 7 months and we have not had any negative feedback from our allotment holders”

“Its working well although not heavily used”

“We are very pleased with the Villa 9010 toilet and find it easy to use and maintain”

“The toilet has been provided for the ladies of the bowls club, there have been no problems, no complaints, and apparently no difficulty for visitors to the club”

“Very happy with the toilet”

“ Satisfied with his toilet”

“Happy and satisfied”

“Happy with the toilet”

“Overall satisfied with the toilet”

“Very happy with the toilet –  it’s working all well no issues or problems whatsoever”

“Happy with it and will be recommending to the friends”

“Extremely happy with the toilet”

“Had some burning smell issues, but has been sorted and very pleased to have the toilet”

“Found Eco-toilets in the boat show and bought the toilet – very happy with the product and no issues so far”

“Good and satisfied”

“Good product”

“Although its not been heavily used, we are happy with it”

“Its Marvellous”

“Glad with the toilet and problems whatsoever”

“It does exactly what it says, very happy”

“Very happy with the toilet, no major issues so far”

“Located at our eco-friendly camp site on the Isle of Wight. We’ve been really pleased with the loos which we’ve been operating for the last 5 years”