Vacuum out – compost toilet in – Liveaboard Narrowboat

By / 8th December, 2012 /

When you live on board a narrowboat continuously cruising the canals, it is important that your toilet is always operational. This couple had a vacuum flush toilet which had been giving trouble, so when it stopped working one day they had to move quickly. Fortunately they knew about our small composting toilets and weren’t far from our shop. Within hours they had a working toilet again and have been SO pleased that they changed to a composting toilet. They write a blog and I don’t think I could write a more praiseworthy description of the toilet, so read it here: NB Valerie blog

NB Valerie

Not only were they pleased that they had one, they soon told their friends and we sold another to them two weeks later. Thanks Les and Jaqueline.


  • Jaqueline Biggs February 26, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Hi Richard,
    Here we are four months later and we still love our Airhead composting toilet. It only requires 30 minutes once a month to empty the solid compartment, clean it, resupply with cocoa shell, and put it back together. We empty the urine bottle every other day . Simples! Our family came aboard last week and they were fascinated by our new loo. They said they wished they could put on in their flat! Thanks for making it so easy for boaters to purchase this fantastic toilet. WE are ever so pleased to be released from visiting the stinky Elsan disposal sights!
    May you sell many more!
    Jaq and Les
    NB Valerie

  • editor February 28, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Thanks for that vote of confidence. Tell the family to look on this website as the Separett toilets are designed for household use and there is no good reason why the Air Head cannot be used there too. We are currently averaging sales of one toilet a day and with the boating season coming up I can see that rising.

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