Why buy from Ecotoilets?


Our services don’t just stop after the sale of our toilets. We offer full installations and an after sales service, so why wait? If you’re looking for a waterless, composting toilet along with the security that your order is taken care of from enquiry to completion with continuous support, then please give us a call on 01327 844 442 and one of our team will guide you through the waterless experience.


Class Leading Brands.

Ecotoilets Ltd is officially the UK’s biggest supplier of Separett and Natureshead waterless toilets.  We only supply these toilets because we are confident that the Separett Villa toilet is by far the best waterless toilet for domestic or low to medium usage commercial sites. Similarly, the Natureshead is widely regarded as the best toilet for mobile applications and other locations where space is at a premium. In addition, the Separett Flame is the ideal solution for users who have electricity available and want to virtually eliminate waste output or pipe work.

Our display toilets at our premises will help you to see how they function, why they are so good and how much nicer they are to use than a WC.  We stock all the models here, so we are able to dispatch one to you as soon as you order.


Excellent User Support.

Ecotoilets ensure excellent service, information and support through every aspect of your experience. Our dedicated team of installers will ensure that the toilets are correctly installed whatever your application, as well as supplying all the accessories required to make sure your toilet works to its greatest advantage. Our admin team keep a database of all our customers so that we can look after you whilst you use our toilets. There are a number of our users that will recommend them and our service to others, maybe you will become one in the future!


Best Value Prices.

By having the facility of storage for many units, our buying power offers the best value to our customers. It may be possible to get a better price from alternative sources but once you compare what you get for your money, hopefully, you will find that we give better value.


A Supplier You Can Trust.

We have supplied more waterless toilets than any of the other suppliers and there are more Separett toilets in the UK than the other alternatives. Our expertise has built up over ten years and our reputation has built us to a £1 million turnover company.

We will be there for you whenever you need us.