To save a precious resource

Composting toilets save water (Only 1% of the earths water is drinkable – we flush 40% of that down the toilet, polluting it – and then spend time and money cleaning it up again!)

To turn ‘waste’ into nutrients

Composting toilets produce fertiliser from the urine and compost from the faeces, creating useful material from our waste. This is good for the environment as well as the land-owner!

To save money installing a toilet

Composting toilets can save on expensive plumbing and drainage in domestic use. They save on expensive holding tanks and pump-outs on boats and vehicles.

To save on running costs

Composting toilets can save you money every day. Whilst our composting toilets use electricity to operate the fan, this is only a few watts and can even be obtained for free from a solar panel using a battery for storage. Flushing a normal WC will typically cost 3p in water rates in the UK. On a boat or a vehicle the cost can be as much as 10p a time!.