Will the Thames become a new ‘Eco-zone’?

By / 28th October, 2014 /

The Port of London Authority has decided that from 1st January 2015, boats on the tidal Thames must not pump sewage into the river. This gives a particular problem for the thousands of people living on houseboats along this stretch of the river, who have, up until now relied on ‘sea-toilets’ which dump everything into the water. Fortunately a group of such boaters based around Brentford have found that the simplest and most eco-friendly way of overcoming this problem is to replace their toilets with composting toilets. The first batch of 12 Separett Villa toilets will shortly be delivered to them and this is just the start of what might become a tidal wave of ecotoilet installations along the river.


We are now in discussion with the PLA about offering our toilets to all such boaters in order to avoid prosecutions and to clean up the river.

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